Brief profile of Prof Rama Kant

Professor (Dr) Rama Kant (download brief CV, complete CV) is the Past President of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) 2012. He also serves as Vice President of SAARC Surgical Care Society which connect surgeons in SAARC nations. He is the former Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery at King George's Medical University (KGMU), and honorary Dean of College of Surgeons of India. He is also the Managing Director of "Piles to Smiles" Clinic (PILES TO SMILES CLINIC (google map), C-2211, C-block crossing, Indira Nagar, Lucknow: Ph 0522-2358230, Direct Mobile number: +91-9415-00-7299) and Director-Professor at SIPS Super-speciality Hospital.

Professor (Dr) Rama Kant was conferred upon the honorary Fellowship by Special Election of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (FRCSI) on 12 July 2010 (see photographs). Professor (Dr) Rama Kant was awarded honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in June 2012. He was also awarded honorary Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2013. 

He received Fellow of American College of Surgeons (FACS) in September 2012. He was conferred upon honorary Fellowship of Northern Chapter of ASI (FNCASI) too.

Professor (Dr) Rama Kant has also been awarded honorary FCSS by College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka. He also received honorary Fellowship from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan in November 2012 (FCPSP).

He is the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General's Awardee on tobacco control for the year 2005. He also led the Endocrine Surgery and Nuclear Medicine unit at KGMU and was the founder-Director of WHO Tobacco Cessation Clinic at KGMU. He is the former Chief Medical Superintendent of Gandhi Memorial and Associated Hospitals, KGMU. He was conferred upon the Best Eminent Surgical Teacher Award by Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), UP and received the ASI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

He is the past-President of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) UP (2009-2010) and won the national presidential elections of ASI becoming President-elect ASI 2012. He also won the general elections of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) for governing council membership with thumping majority (2010-2012). He is also the President of following professional and social associations of repute: Lucknow College of Surgeons (LCS), Indian Doctors for Peace and Democracy (IDPD) Lucknow, Indian Society Against Smoking (ISAS), among others. He serves as the senior Adviser to Society of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of India (SELSI), UP.

Prof (Dr) Rama Kant was conferred upon the Begum Hazrat Mahal Quami Ekta Award (1995), Olympian Surgeon Award (1996), National Award from Indian Government's Health Ministry (1997), State Government's Award for his Hindi books (1998 and 2000), among other distinguished awards and recognitions. He was also bestowed upon with the Saraswat Samman 2010 on Republic Day eve, and Amritlal Nagar Samman 2010 in recognition of his lifetime contribution to healthcare services in the region.

Prof (Dr) Rama Kant has been the past Secretary of Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons, Association of Surgeons of India, Jt secretary (scientific)Indian Medical Association (IMA) Lucknow, President of UPMA, among others. He has also been the Principal of Career Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital (CIMSH) in the past.

More socio-medical activities - exclusive establishments created for social welfare

Social organizations were roped in with medical services under the banner of King George Medical College and Indian Society against Smoking to help poor/destitute/helpless people in getting free drugs, surgical accessories for their operations, blood, nutritious food, fruits and also their investigations done .These patients were even provided with volunteers to look after them if no one was available. Large number of patients of Chronic Empyema Thoraces have been operated under this effort. The organizations cooperating in this were a large number including Om Sewa Kendra, Bharosa, Abhinav Bharat foundation, Prem Niwas, Madhur Samadhan, ISAS and so on. All festivals were celebrated with these poor patients and sweets were distributed. Many of these were provided free transport services or Railway tickets to return to their homes.
A WELFARE SOCIETY was created at institutional level to provide money for poor, destitute or people below poverty line or any body who could not afford his treatment. This purchases the drugs directly from pharmaceutical companies and sells to the patients from shops opened in many departments at atleast 26% less prices than MRP. This has created better sitting place for patients in OPDs, Television with channels to entertain during waiting and also relay health related programs in my OPD days.

    Was created to provide suitable and honorable place for seating patients' attendants waiting during the surgery of their wards in New Surgical Block. This also had a Television with channels, facility for drinkable water, air cooling and an attached toilet.


    The first ever Tobacco cessation Clinic of our state was established at King George Medical University in 2002 with the support of World Health Organization. This caters to the need of thousands of Tobacco addicts with facilities of Registartion, clinical evaluation and care, investigations including PFT, Cotinine tests, Carbon Mono oxide monitoring, dental care and highly trained Clinical Psychologist for counseling, medical social worker, doctors and help lines with large number of outreach programs to keep in their contact in follow up so that those quitting Tobacco may maintain their tobacco free status.

    Several satellite centers have been opened at many cities and even villages after some responsible persons are trained in this field and we provide support in form of training, literature, cassettes, CDs and other IEC materials. Few are running very well as Madur samadhan, Anubhav and Mankapur telephone industry. This is patronized by its GM Mr. Tripathi and run under guidance of Dr.S.K.Mishra, the CMO of this institution.

    More than 4252 patients of empyema thoraces have been operated till last October since 1976 and poorest of the poor patients are being provided all including latest operative procedures viz. Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery. This is first time it is available in our state. All facilities essentially have been created with social support and donations from MLAs funds etc. Several procedures have been modified by me ,one goes by name KANT'S PROCEDURE ,a technique of Modified Open Drainage with intra thoracic dressing with foam for managing the critical patients of Chronic Empyema thoraces with BPF, poor pulmonary functions and poor general condition making him unfit and reject for any surgical procedure under General anesthesia.

    Facilities for latest treatment of Diabetic foot patients have been acquired and this is being imparted including vascular bypass, use of growth factors and provision of pressure studies needed for modified shoes to achieve offloading.

    Most of the times surgical patients are really not looked after regarding their nutrition. This has been now rectified by provision of training, trained dieticians and frequent interactions with such experts. This led to establishment of nutritional supplementation in surgical patients  and thus marked improvement in outcome.

    Regular school programs are being done dealing with health related issues but always on Tobacco hazards and its cessation. It will be difficult to truly express on the number visited in last 30 years, it should be colossal. We did a survey for NOTE India and WHO of tobacco consumption in relation to World Cup for Cricket in 1996 and we did this in over 9000 children. Two generations are participating in this program and now there is full fledged Youth wing to look after this segment. Our volunteers have received international scholarships and awards.

    Regular audio visual programs on health issues are being run for patients under my care both in out door and Tobacco counseling and AV room.


-    Infra Red Coagulation-IRC
-    Cryo Surgery
-    Conventional Haemorrhoidectomy
-    DG HAL-Doppler guided Haemorrhoidal arterial ligation
-    Recto anal repair
-    Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy
-    Other conventional techniques.

    All resident doctors and consultants are encouraged to utilize the facility of health and fitness center in our department after 4.00 pm or when free to keep them fit. We have indoor games including Table tennis. During November we had a cricket match with our post graduates. This has brought health, fitness and enthusiasm along with closeness and better relationship.



Social awareness programmes on health - tobacco control, lung health, HIV/AIDS, thyroid, haemmorhoids, cancer, and other issues

1.    Awareness program on Tobacco and children at Dabble school Indira Nagar, Lucknow in Hindi
2.    Awareness on AIDS at Loreto Convent College, Lucknow in Hindi
3.    Awareness program in Hindi at Central Academy School, Indira Nagar, Lucknow on Iodination of Salt and its significance.
4.    Medical Camp at Lal Pur, Hardoi and awareness program in Hindi on Tobacco and Cancer, Slide show.
5.    Guest lecture on TOBACCO AND YOUTH at Jai Narain Degree College in Hindi with Secretary Higher education as chief guest.
6.    Awareness programs in Hindi at different villages at Varanasi in collaboration with Ajai Kumar  Singh, a local NGO working on community education and health along with Mr.Pratap Sharma, Madhukar Misra and Bobby Rama Kant
7.    Awareness program on Thyroid disorders in Hindi at Rani Laxmi Bai colleger, Indira nagar, Lucknow.
8.    Awareness program on Hazards of Tobacco usage and How to quit it? at Rani Laxmi Bai College at Sector 18, Indira Nagar in Hindi.
9.    Guest lecture at indo gulf factory on TOBACCO CESSATION 7 OCT. 2001
10.    Paper presented at ISPN conference at MT ABU 12-14 OCT. 2001, language used was Hindi.
11.    Spoke in Hindi amongst Indian community regarding Tobacco cessation, not an impossible dream in India on October 15, 2001.
12.    Awareness program on Cancer and its Prevention in Hindi at Budaun, village Kachla November 1st, 2001.
13.    Awareness program on Tobacco and Health at computer center NIIT at Sapru Marg, Lucknow.
14.    Awareness program on Malnutrition in Hindi at Navyug Radiance College, chief guest being Mr. Surya Pratap Shahi, minister of Prohibition and Excise UP Government.
15.    Awareness program in Hindi at White Hall, K.G's medical College, Lucknow campus with students on Tobacco addiction and cessation -role of medical personals.
16.    Guest lecture at La Martenier College, Lucknow on Tobacco and youth in English and Hindi.
17.    Mankapur, Gonda -Lecture and workshop on Tobacco cessation and its hazards, alongwith Bilinda Hughes, ASH personnel from Bangkok, Thailand.
18.    Guest lecture on AIDS -Basic facts and its prevention in Hindi under the banner of SONI NURSING HOME, RISHIKESH.
19.    Workshop on Thyroid disorders in Hindi at Ram Sanehi Ghat, Barabanki in collaboration with Surgeon of CHC.
20.    Lecture in Hindi at Lal Pur village on Hygiene and common infections, infestations and their prevention.
21.    World environment day celebrated in collaboration with Medha Patekar by discussing HIROSHIMA DAY and possibility of ARMSLESS WORLD at KG's Medical College, Lucknow on August 6, 1999.
22.    Symposium on TOBACCO AND CANACER at K.G's Medical College, Lucknow under the chairmanship of Sri SUNIL DUTT, FAMOUS FILM STAR AND MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.All proceedings were conducted in HINDI.23.    Teachers training program for teachers of Kumaon Division on TOBACCO ADDICTION AND ITS CESSATION at K.G's Medical College, Lucknow, this was conducted in Hindi.
24.    Tobacco and Youth -A LECTURE CUM VIDEO SHOW at SPRING DALE COLLEGE for the students of 9th class in Hindi.
25.    Tobacco addiction and role of youth in its control- a highly interactive program both in English and Hindi at communion of several colleges at Hyderabad.
26.    Tuberculosis -a curse to humanity, a lecture at main branch of Punjab National Bank Hazratganj in Hindi.
27.    Talks on Lucknow radio regularly on several aspects of Tobacco, cancer, thyroid disorders, Hygiene, Pollution, family planning and AIDS.
28.    Talks on FM BAND on Tobacco addiction, Tobacco cessation, Visit to CHAICAGO WORLD CONFERRENCE ON to TOBACCO OR HEALTH and THYROID PROBLEMS.
29.    Phone in program on FM BAND for problems of Thyroid gland and its management.
32.    Guest lecture in several branches of Swaroop colleges, Kanpur on Hazards of Tobacco and Introduction to AIDS.
33.    Poster exhibition at national botanical garden, Lucknow  28&29 May  2002
34.    First ever phone in program at Door Darshan Lucknow on Tobacco related problems 6.30-7.00 pm.
35.    Delivered a lecture on Tobacco hazards and Camp organized for Tobacco cessation in Voluntary Health Association program at Gomti Nagar .

Organized conferences, symposiums, CMEs, social events and others

*     Large number of medical camps and anti tobacco programs in adjoining rural areas near Lucknow including JC clubs and other social organizations.
*     Scientific program on * Advancements in Surgery* , IMA Lucknow, April'89
*     Service week, Health check up camps and anti tobacco programs as part of world wide Commemoration of the 1st    Lion's international convention (1917), oct.1989.
*     Co-operative Charity Periodic medical check-up camps and anti tobacco programs at Narendra Dev Agriculture University, Faizabad, Jan-March, 1991.
*     Organizing secretary, Public Symposium on * Hazards of Smoking*  on 18 February 1993 at K G's Medical College, Lucknow.
*     Joint Secretary, Scientific - of I.M.A. during 1989-90.
*     Acclaimed by press and public both for organizing Free Medical Checkup camps under IMA, UPMA and Lion's Banner.
*     President of UPMA (Uttar Pradesh Madhumeh Association) since 1993.
*     Diabetes detection camp and anti tobacco programs at Reserve bank, Vishwarriaya auditorium for PWD engineers, several  Banks, offices, Institute of Hotel management and Hindi Sansthan in 1993-94 at under banner of ISAS President.
*     Organizing Committee III Joint Convention of NNF & ISOPRAC (National Neonatology Forum & Indian Society of Perinatology & Reproductive Biology) February 26-28,1993.
*     Coordinator for D.N.B. Examinations, Lucknow, 1994.
*     Chief Organizer 1st   North-East Zonal Free Medical Health Check-up camp at remote interior locations in Ballia Dist., Uttar Pradesh 28-31 Jan.1994.
*     Joint Secretary Organizing Committee, National Academy of Burns, INDIA, NABICON-1994,2-5 April ,1994.
*     Organizing Secretary, Public Symposium on Smoking, May 7, 1994, KGMC, Lucknow. 
*     Moderator Panel Discussion on Smoking, KGMC, May 7, 1994.
*     Editor Souvenir, Love or Smoke: Choice is yours, of  Public Symposium on Smoking, May 7, 1994.
*     Judge for Best Poster Award, Public Symposium on Smoking, May 7, 1994.
*     Chief Coordinator, Lo! Hamne chod diya ceremony ( Tobacco leaving),May 7,1994 under chairperson Minister Smt. Prem Wati Tewari.
*     Chairman & Moderator Scientific Session at the observance of World Diabetes Day, 26 June,1994 by UPMA (W.H.O.Directive)
*     Chairman SEWASHREE & KALASHREE Awards committee Committee and Cultural Program, UPMA, 1994
*     Fellowship of I.M.S.P.( International Medical Scholars Program )
     New  Delhi,24-30  July,1994  by  Dr.Magdalena Miranda, Director, 
     Program Planning  and  Development, Educational Commission and
     Foreign Medical Graduates, Pensylvania Avenue, N.W.,Washington
*     Treasurer, International Satellite Seminar in Oncology, Department of Surgery, King George's Medical College, Lucknow, INDIA.Nov.7-8, 1994.
*     Organizing secretary, World no Tobacco day, 31st May, 1995, New Surgical Block, King George Medical College, Lucknow
*     Organized a seminar on * Problems of Women in India & their management*  12-13 March,1995 Ballia
*     Large number of anti tobacco programs throughout the year in schools, colleges, offices, stations, picture halls and practically all places of human gatherings
*     Organizing secretary, World no Tobacco day, 31st May, 1996, New Surgical Block, King George Medical College, Lucknow
*     Joint Secretary, Association of Surgeons of India UP Chapter (1996-1997).
*     Large number of anti tobacco programs throughout the year in schools,colleges,offices,stations,picture halls and practically all places of human gatherings
*     Organizing secretary, World no Tobacco day, 31st May, 1997 Administrative Block, King George Medical College, Lucknow
*     Organizing Secretary UP ASI CON 1997, Lucknow, 21-23 November 1997.
*     National Secretary, Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons, A.S.I.  (Since 1997).
*     Organizing secretary Hiroshima day observation and world environment day at K.G's Medical College, Lucknow under gracious  presence  of   Medha Patkar,1997

*     Large number of anti tobacco programs throughout the year in schools, colleges, offices, stations, picture halls and practically all places of human gatherings
*     Organizing secretary, World no Tobacco day, 31st May, 1998, New Surgical Block, King George Medical College, Lucknow
*     Chairman Organizing Committee, GROW WITHOUT TOBACCO theme events organized on National scale, January - February 1999.
*     Large number of anti tobacco programs throughout the year in schools,colleges,offices,stations,picture halls and practically all places of human gatherings
*     Organizing secretary, World no Tobacco day, 31st May, 1999 New Surgical Block,King George Medical College, Lucknow.
*     Organized 11th National Conference of ISPEN at convention center, 5-7 November,2005
*     Being President of Dramatic association of our University, every year at least three days full fledged program involving thousands of students is being organized by me under the banner of Medifest.
*     Large numbers of competitions at city, state, national and international levels are organized to stimulate students against the hazards and usage of Tobacco in any form. These include Debates, poster, slogan writing, skids, poems, songs and drama on the theme of tobacco control.
*     Every year there is grand celebration of World No Tobacco Day on 31 May. Besides other deliberations there is an Oration named Sri P.K. Shankhdhar Memorial Oration which is delivered by some internationally acclaimed person of eminence in field of tobacco control viz.
a.    Mr. Bilinda Hugh-Thailand
b.    Prof. N.C. Mishra-India
c.    Ms. Naina Zones-Arizone,USA
d.    Dr. David Blyth-South Africa
e.    Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar, India
f.    Dr. S.K. Katiyar -India
g.    Prof. Sandeep Kumar, India.
h.    Dr.  Kinnar Shah India
i.    Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar
j.    Dr. Cohen Scheldon, USA-2005
k.    Ms. Anna White ,USA-2006
*     31st May every year celebrated with full enthusiasm as WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY by scientific and laymen programs, lectures, publications, interviews on FM Radio, print and electronic media.

Amritlal Nagar Samman 2010 - Prof Rama Kant