Academic research papers presented at International conferences

1.        Primary and Secondary Pleuro-Pulmonary mycosis.- International Cardio-pulmonary Symposium , BOMBAY, India ,Sept.1977.

2.        Combination Chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer.- 4th  Asian Cancer Congress, Bombay, India,1979.

3.        Evaluation of reproductive factor in carcinoma esophagus.- 5 th  Asian Cancer Conference ,Colombo ,Sri Lanka, September ,1981.

4.        Chromo-esophagoscopy in Carcinoma Oesophagus.- 5th  Asian Cancer Conference ,Colombo Sri Lanka,September,1981.

5.        Sialestic Bung in the management of Chronic Empyema with Broncho Pleural Fistula. - International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease , (IUATLD) 26th World Conference, Singapore, November,1986.

6.        Chromo-esophagoscopy and Bronchoscopy in Carcinoma Esophagus.- 8th  Pacific Cancer Conference , Seoul , Korea , Sept.1987.

7.        Management of chronic empyema thoraces in children, at     International pediatric congress at Paris, France, 1990

8.        Clinico-epidemiological study of Carcinoma Esophagus, at Pacific cancer conference at Hamburg, Germany. 1991

9.        Changing Scenario in Chronic Tubercular Empyema Thoracis.17th Eastern Regional Conference on Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, IUATLD,     Bangkok, Thailand November 1 - 4, 1993.

10.        Neo adjuvant Chemotherapy (NAC) by Cisplatinum & Doxorubicin Intrarterially / Intravenously in Osteosarcoma- A prospective Study, in 16th International Cancer Congress, UICC, (Bone Tumor) New     Delhi,INDIA,Nov.1-5,1994.

11.        Antioxidant Adjuvant Therapy using a natural herbal mixture MAK during Intensive chemotherapy: Reduction in toxicity. A prospective study of 62 patients. in 16th  International Cancer Congress, UICC, (Chemotherapy session), New Delhi, INDIA, Nov.1-5, 1994

12.        Treatment of Empyema Thoraces - A Challenge, 7th International U.A.E. Surgical Conference, Sharjah, Dec. 14-17, 1996.

13.        Changing Scenario in Chronic Empyema Thoraces, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease World Conference, (IUATLD), In Bangkok, Thailand, November 23-26, 1998.

14.        Why awareness programs in AIDS are not effective? Guest lecture in Ist World Conference On "condoms and cabbages" held at Rose garden hotel, Bangkok- Nov3-8,1999

15.        Four papers presented at 11th WORLD CONFERENCE ON "TOBACCO OR HEALTH" at Chicago ,USA 5-14 August,2000
 -        Mobilizing Organizations is an effective tool for coalition building
-        Children and Youth are a force for change
-        Newer International Interventions for Global Tobacco Control

16.        Presented paper on "Role Of Students In Awareness Programs Of Aids" at World conference on reproductive health, at Manila, Phillipines, 2001

17.        Universal Precautions & Surgery in HIV positive patients, World Conference on Reproductive Health, Manila Philippines, 2001

18.        CME and Guest Lecture on 'Changing Scenario in Management of Chronic Empyema Thoraces', National Heart Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2001.

19.        Startling revelations in Tobacco cessation-12th World conference on Tobacco or Health, Helsinki, Finland, August, 2003

20.        Counseling is key to success in Tobacco cessation-12th World conference on Tobacco or Health, Helsinki, Finland, August, 2003

21.        Miracles of nutritional supplementation in chronic suppurrative disorders of chest-PENSA 2003, Asian conference of ISPEN, GOA, Nov.5-10,  2003

22.        Invited to attend 15th International AIDS Conference,  11-16 ,July, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004

23.     Patterns of use of Tobacco in medical students-Pilot survey WCCO conference, Dublin, 17-19 Nov. 2004, Ireland.

24.     Paper on "Impact of awareness programs on tobacco Consumption in eatery workers" at Prague- Czech, March  2005.

25.     Role of Proton pump inhibitors in Surgery at Workshop on Rabeperozol at Mauritius  23-26 May 2008

26. Guest lecture "Trends of surgery in Empyema thoraces - Singapore college of Surgeons, 8 JUNE 2009

27. Guest lecture "DG HAL AND RAR in haemorrhoids-can it wipe off surgery? MALAYA MEDICAL University Malaysia June 5, 2009

28.        Oral presentation  "Nutritional supplementation in chronic     suppurative disorders of chest" 3-6 June at PENSA 2009 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

29.    DGHAL AND RAR IN HAEMORRHOIDS- SELSY Annual conference at AGRA  October 24-25, 2009

30.    Chaired session in SELSY on Laparoscopic Hemi colectomy October 24 , 2009

31. Invited as National Consultant for Tobacco control at VP Chest institute, 27-30 October 2009, New Delhi

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